Saturday, 28 May 2016

Trumpety trump (nothing whatsoever to do with Donald Trump by the way)

Apologies for blowing my own trumpet thingy but I guess that's what this page is for! I got another couple of reviews of Once Bitten which were very nice! Here's the first from

'Outrageously funny, mixed with moments of heartbreaking sadness. Nick has a wonderful way with words and gives a unique insight into the world of vets. This is not James Herriot, but a true look at the people behind the white coat.'

(you can see it and, y'know, if you're so inclined, buy the book here:

and here's the next from

'LOVED THIS BOOK - And especially loved the author's personal opinions and advice at the end. There is a tendency to treat the topics of dog breeding and rescue/rehoming as though they are complicated when in reality it is extremely simple. I highly recommend this book.'

There's a very sweet one on Goodreads too but it has spoilers so I'll refrain from sharing here. Thank you! It means a lot that a very personal book has connected with people. I generally want ot make people laugh, but I have cried a fair few times in the job, so if people are crying too I suppose I am doing what I set out to do!

Thanks you and I hope the rest of you are enjoying :)

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