Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose

The first novel in the Conduit sequence.

Alan Reece is a young, unhappy vet, who thinks that getting called out in the night is about the worst thing that could ever happen to him.

This time, he's right. A nocturnal encounter with a miracle will quickly turn into a nightmare, and as the world collapses around him, Alan will realise that he alone holds the key to a century-old secret.

Accompanied by Kate, a psychic-turned-physicist, and George, a credulous reporter, Alan will pit himself against a man who has already conquered death, and now has designs on the world.

Alan is going to discover that there are some things that really shouldn't happen to a vet.

Soul Purpose is available as an instant download eBook from and - truly we are living in the future!

Try it - nothing tastes as nice as a lovely eBook (except my mum's lasagne, of course)


'...a hilariously snarky genre-bender...Alan and his friends are terrific fun...' Reading Reality

'...a delight to read. If this is Marsh's first novel, then all I can say is I can't wait to see his next one.'    Sci-Fi Online

'I could not put this book down...this fantasy is a fascinating tale that is wonderfully excellent read'   TCM Reviews

'Wow, what a shocker! Brit SF is fun, fast and entertaining. More, please!' SF Crow's Nest

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