Sunday, 10 September 2017

Recent Vet Times posts

It's been a little while, but I'm still alive I promise! Here's some links to my recent Vet Times posts:

A cheery one on the jolly subject of human euthanasia

Ever wonder why nurses always have to buy more scissors? Find out here

A discussion about what it means to work in 'general' practice

I have, in my life, spent an entire year consulting. Here's what that means to me

A discussion about what I feel it means to be a 'professional'

I have rarely seen a confirmed case of 'animal abuse'. Is that my fault?

Phone messages are never popular in practice. Here's why

Is 'bonus culture' changing veterinary medicine in the UK?

Arguments with clients are a bad thing

Phew! I haven't seen this many links since I last went to Dartmoor Zoo! (That works better verbally, really). Hope you enjoy at least one of them!


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