Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Just a quickie...

...to promise that I have neither forgotten about nor given up on the blog, I've just got a few things going on in real life at the moment so I'm unlikely to make any posts during November. This may (or, more probably) may not be terrible news to you, but just think of my next post as a little Christmas present, just for you.

As a slight update to my last post, I suggested to a client that she needed to start putting a litter tray in the house try and reduce the bouts of cystitis her cat continually suffers from. Her response? 'My husband will divorce me if I put any litter trays down.'

Ooookaay. (Maybe he's just looking for an excuse, any excuse.)

Oh...one last thing. (That was my best Columbo impression? Did you like it? Please yourselves.) I generally keep this blog just for veterinary news, but on a slight side-issue and as a blatant plug, I submitted the (hopefully) final draft of my new novel Past Tense to my publisher today, and all being well should be out early next year. My first book, Soul Purpose, will very shortly be available as an eBook at a very reasonable $5 (Currently available in paper format on Amazon at a slightly-less-reasonable £13.99)

(NEWSFLASH! Soul Purpose is available at the excellent Smashwords site, for less than the price of Carp Fishing Monthly - how could you resist? Go on, give it a try! Your friends will love you (especially if I'm one of your friends :) )

View SOUL PURPOSE at Smashwords here

Right, plug over! Blog over! Back to real life! (I'll do a proper one in December I promise!)