The Ancients

The Ancients

A fantasy eBook available from the Amazon kindle store.

The war is over. But the fight for the world is only beginning.

The bloody civil war that ruined the country is lost, and Dazlar, last of the Royal Guards, returns weary and alone to the village of his birth, hoping for peace at last.

The war was only the first move, however, in a terrible plot now launched by the new ruler of the land. Lord Protector Cranmer has discovered a frightening truth at the heart of the world, and means to exploit it for his own dark purposes.

The gruesome discovery that Dazlar makes during his fateful homecoming will place him at the very centre of Cranmer’s plans, and the reluctant knight will be called upon to fight once more, alongside a strange girl from another world.

But this time the stakes are much higher than mere territory and rulership.

This time, the battle is for existence itself. 

The Ancients is available as an eBook for cheaper than the price of a coffee at Starbucks (probably. Certainly cheaper than one of those frozen ones with the raspberry sauce, anyway.)

eBook from (£1.99) or ($2.99)

Or you can splash out on one of those old-fangled paperback things

Either from (£6.99) or ($10.99)


'...a traditional fantasy that avoids the excesses of many works of the is instead, a tightly written, clear plot with a delightful twist on the fantasy world' Tahlia Newland

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