Monday, 18 March 2013

Soul Purpose and Past Tense

Greetings, dreamweavers, and welcome to the dark recesses of my brain, guaranteed to fear you up badly (and in case that wasn't obvious, that was a small homage to the great Garth Marenghi) and the reason I bring up Romford's greatest son is because this little post is about two of my babies.

The rights of my first two novels, Soul Purpose and Past Tense, recently reverted back to me, having been published by Immanion Press for 6 years or so. I've been having a read over my oldies, and have performed a little routine cosmetic surgery on some of the more badly-aged paragraphs (hard to believe there was no such thing as an iPhone when I scribbled down Soul Purpose; Dark times, my friend, dark times).

I was always proud of these two - the 'Conduit' novels - stories of an unhappy vet who accidentally becomes a link between our world and the spirit world. I was also very pleased to realise that I'm a much happier vet now than I was back then. It must be the catharsis of all this blog writing. Well, that or the wine.

Anyway, after some deliberation, I've decided to release their slightly nipped and tucked forms onto the Amazon Kindle web store, where I hope they'll be very happy. The only tiny issue is that I'm effectively starting again from the customer review point of view, so if you've read them before I'd really appreciate a review on the new versions - sales of books on the kindle store are strongly review-driven, as people don't have a lot else to go on. I think you may need to have bought the new version of the book to do it, so if you're willing to re-write your review let me know, and I'll gift you a copy through amazon.

If you haven't read them before, bear in mind they are now to be found at a greatly reduced price, and I still get the same amount in royalties as I ever did - which certainly helps with the wine acquisition.

If you're interested, I'd advise you to wait a few weeks before purchasing, because I'm planning have a free book giveaway of Soul Purpose in two or three weeks. If you absolutely can't wait that long (and who amongst us could blame you?) then feel free to pop 'em on your kindlebox immediately.

Many thanks, pilgrims.


Soul Purpose is here on Amazon UK and here on Amazon US
and Past Tense is here on Amazon UK and here on Amazon US

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