Sunday, 13 May 2012


Hi all

This is a brief and rather humble post (I know, normal service will be resumed shortly!) to say thank you to everyone who has funded The Express Diaries - we've reached our target in under a week, so my new novel will definitely see the light of day!

There's still some exciting rewards available for funders - see over at - but I really just wanted to say thank you all. You're all lovely. Especially you - yes, you, there.

I've been rather busy of late with promotions (which  I'm sure my twitter followers will be heartily sick of by now) and work, but I haven't forgotten about the blog - I'm hoping to do a little piece about home visits some time in the next week.

Until then - thank you! You're all, as I'm sure Stephen Fry would say if he were here, enormous buckets of loveliness.

As a reward, here's a rather excellent trailer that YSDC made for the book :

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