Friday, 13 April 2012

All Aboard!

All aboard! All aboard the Orient Express!

Yes, it's officially my least imaginative blog title ever (and it's up against some pretty stiff competition, believe me)

This is a quick post to mention that my new novel, The Express Diaries, has now been officially announced over at

The Express Diaries is a pulp horror adventure set aboard Europe's most famous train, as our intrepid heroes race across the continent to try and thwart a twisted cult from fulfilling their evil plans (mwah hah hah!)

I've done a few teasers about the novel already - you can read a few sample sections here and here. The book itself is going to be funded one of them-thar new fangled fundraiser things. This is good for us, because it ensures the book will be paid for before we publish it - and what's more it's great for you, because there are some pretty exciting rewards up for grabs if you want to help out - such as being written or drawn into the novel yourself, signed copies of the artwork and book, and much more!

The fundraiser has now started - pop over and have a look at the exciting offers available! So, I hope you'll join me as we go full steam ahead on our train ride into adventure and darkness. Let's hope it doesn't go off the rails...

(What a line, eh? Garth Marenghi would have been proud of that one!)


  1. Just read the teaser. My hat is off to you sir. Really looking forward to the whole thing

  2. Thanks, Ken! The fundraiser is going well so far - 50% funded in 2 days! - but we're not there yet so interested parties pop over to to see the rewards still available