Monday, 2 January 2012

January blues - no problem!

For you, my friends, the war is over. Well, okay, not the war, but the offer where you could get my new eBook, the Ancients, for free, is over, but that's got less of a poetic ring to it.

Do not collapse into a pit of woe, however, for I bring good tidings! The Ancients is still available at the low price of £1.50/$2/12 triganic pus, available from or

What, that's still not enough to keep the black dog from your door? Okay, how about this?

You can download the entire first half of Soul Purpose COMPLETELY FREE from - a modern SF/veterinary story, and the first part of the conduit sequence, written in a style much closer to my Blogging voice (which may or may not be a good thing for you to hear).

This is a permanent offer, so if you missed the January 3rd Ancients spectacular then I'd advise you console yourself with a lovely 50% of a novel. Enjoy!

The original offer text is below, for...well, for no good reason, really, other than to show you how generous I was once upon a time.


January is a depressing month, isn't it? The dogs have eaten the last mouldy bits of turkey, you've already played with the most exciting presents, and are down to that woolly hat and scarf from your auntie, and the house looks very bare without all those decorations. No wonder the papers are always repeating that spurious PR story that 'this day is officially the most grey, dismal and depressing day of the year'.

How could anyone possibly remain sane in such dark days? How?

By a free book giveaway, that's how!

That's right, for tomorrow only, my new eBook is available COMPLETELY FREE from amazon! You can spend that £1.53 you've saved on a nice warming cup of coffee instead, or even a mulled wine (oh, except that we're not allowed to drink that any more, are we? Never mind. Mulled wine is one of those drinks where the idea of it is nicer than the drink itself. Like those fruit teas that smell orgasmic but taste like sour lemsip).

So, on the 3rd of January, hightail down to your local or, and pick up your copy of The Ancients absolutely free! You'd be craaaaaazy to miss it, and other such cliches!
(the offer lasts from 12 midnight January 3rd 2012 to 11.59pm Pacific Standard Time - this is GMT -8 hours (so from 8am Jan 3rd to 7.59am Jan 4th GMT). (The more astute amongst you may have realised that this date is now IN THE PAST. I'm sorry to say that unless you're Doctor Who you've missed the offer now. This offer remains here only for the interests of historians and time travellers)

Grab it quick while stocks last! (Except that stocks are effectively infinite so, y'know, you'll probably be okay). I'll be setting up a discussion group on for anyone who wants to chat about it.

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