Monday, 7 September 2015

That is not dead which can eternal lie...

The blog is not dead, only sleeping! The reason for the quiet here is that I've been commissioned to write blogs twice monthly for the Vet Times, as and the subject matter is very similar to the sort of things I normally pop here, my usual posts have died down.

I am still posting, though - you can find all my Vet Times blogs here! They're still just as funny/annoying/tedious as before, only now I'm getting paid for them. I may see if I can sell them some of this old rope I have lying around too...

Thanks for visiting, though! There's still plenty to see here. How about taking a look at my books - my humorous (well, I thought so, anyway) veterinary/science fiction novels Soul Purpose and Past Tense, my epic fantasy novel The Ancients, or my thrilling Orient-Express-based horror novel, The Express Diaries. Mmm, 1920's terror! The best kind.

If you're still bored or still have more lunch to eat, here's a list of my personal favorite blog posts (your opinion may vary, of course - feel free to comment, I'm still here!).

Dog #86324 - not a cheery one, but the most honest writing I have done, about euthanasia
Lingua Medica - my favourite informative post, detangling medical terminology
The Mutt's Nuts - this consultation still makes me shudder
Geri - a lament for my beloved lurcher, Geri
Breeding Difficulties - home truths about what it means to breed pedigree animals
A Disease of Economic Importance - the foot and mouth disease crisis of 2001

There are plenty more, so feel free to explore - just please remember to wash your hands afterwards. See you in the Vet Times ;)

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  1. Glad this old chestnut isn't dead. It's a wonderful way to expose people to the life and times of a vet, and his patients who love or hate him, depending on the procedure. Good plug for your books! Everyone should go to Amazon right now and shell out a few quid, the best entertainment at twice the price!
    Hey Nick, any chance of adding some ukulele music as background?