Thursday, 22 March 2012

The 99p Challenge!

Ahh, - the 99p Challenge. A fondly remembered radio 4 show from back in the days when Simon Pegg wasn't immensely famous. And also, coincidentally - and for a limited time only - the new price of my fantasy eBook, the Ancients!

That's right - don't waste your money on a couple of Snickers bars (although they will forever be Marathon bars to me) or a litre of organic milk, when you can get a whole full length fantasy eBook instead. The Ancients is crunchy, nutritious, free of additives is ONLY ONE CALORIE! What more could you ask?

For the Kindle-types amongst you, The Ancients can be procured from your friendly local amazon store, If you are lucky enough to live in the US (at least, for the purposes of this offer) then you can get the Ancients for the EVEN CHEAPER price of $0.99! (I've no idea what your chocolate bars cost over there though, but I can say from bitter experience of attempting to eat a Reece's Pieces bar that confectionary does not translate well across the Atlantic)

If you have a different eReader, or for some reason you like reading your eBooks in a different format every day, head over to smashwords, where your $0.99 will get you 8 different file types - including ePub, PDF and .doc, as well as being available for online reading.

So, don't delay! Join the 99p revolution - the challenge is simple! Merely click on the link, part with the teeny tiny amount of money, and enjoy your new eBook.

(Also, track down the 99p Challenge and listen to it - it's very good)

(PLEASE NOTE - YOU'VE MISSED IT NOW, SORRY. It's back up to £1.99 - but don't let that stop you!)

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